dam Deviantart…wont let me upload >:T

His name will be Yale and he is a boss type roo

Contest entry for the Giraffaroo thinggg

Day 1
favorite bug type

No laptop so traditional it isss!!!

*Screams to the heavens* i dont white wash characters intentionallyyy

"I wonder if I can do it all on my own„,"


just some doubtful Jason since i had a hard week .A.

So i drew this Percy thing… And fudging file got deleted somehow while i was uploading it… And now im stuck with a shortcut that leads to nowhere.

foreverabookfan-deactivated2013 asked: HOW DO YOU ART SO WELL. I don't understand. Please teach me your ways. <3


In all seriousness though Im so flattered you came to me for advice.

not the best person to go to thooo

I usually reblog advice stuff for people who would like to do art, The gist of all of them is that NEVER EVER GIVE UP on what you are currently working on, if you get frustrated and start thinking of giving up just step away for a while, go look at the galleries of people whose art inspires you then when you feel okay, dive right back in.

most of all practice ALOT and always enjoy what you do C:

sooo„ guess what movie i saw for like a thousand times this week?

wip of somesort

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

am i kicked out yet? (◕‿◕✿)